Eric Amaranth in the New York Post Sex Issue

It came out in print last Sunday and here is the New York Post Sex Issue article on me online. Read on to get some behind-the-scenes, comments, and clarifications.

The writer I worked with, Dana Schuster, wanted to interview as many of my Talk Session and Guided Session clients as possible, which was arranged. I want to thank very much all of my past and present clients who helped me out so that this article could be published. Dana wanted to hear from real people about the results I create and you guys weren’t shy. You made it happen.

Anyway, I was very happy with the quotes she took from people including one of my top three favorite quotes from my teacher Betty:

 “He’s very righteous. He’s very dedicated. He really wants to have sex be better for people,” says Dodson. “It’s not a gimmick thing for him.  He’s very serious.”

The obvious question on many people’s minds is am I for real. I really like how Betty bottom-lined it: It’s not a gimic. This is real. My mentor settling this couldn’t have been done any better. Thank you for everything, Betty.

One thing they made a mistake on was when they described me as standing in the corner of the room watching my client during a guided session. Fox 5 and almost everyone but the GQ Magazine article on me gets it wrong. I’m going to have to bring this up during factchecking from now on. I sit on the floor at the side of the bed to start or sometimes in a chair at a greater distance. I get up to get a view of technique when necessary. I also ask permission for viewing position changes.

I was surprised when Ian Kerner made an appearance. I thought he was a fan of Betty’s and sex life coaching. Oh well. The interactive model is a very strong one and coaching lends itself to that very well. Sex life coaching is not like sports coaching, as Kerner claimed. It is more like dance or yoga instruction. The magazines that have covered me have made the comparisons to sports style coaching. The GQ article’s title is “Put Me In Coach!” and the NY Post print article has a giant pic of a guy with a megaphone above the picture of a couple next to each other in bed.  However, I do realize sensationalistic images and writing style are thought to be required for their audience.

That said, the ending of this article was pretty strong following Kerner’s remarks:

But Amaranth’s clients are insatiable.

Kate, who has only done talk sessions up until this point, is giddy about having her first “live” session with Amaranth.

“He’s like, ‘Don’t worry.’ He’s super reassuring. He said his experience has been, once you’re there and things get hot and heavy, you sort of forget he’s there,” says Kate.

She might want to heed Susan’s advice to double up on class-time.
“It went by!” Susan says of her time with Amaranth.

“Toward the end, I was like, oh, can we do blank, blank and blank . . . I had a list of things.”

“I would actually urge people to consider the four hours,” she advises,

“because after the two hours you’re like, ‘Teacher, tell me more!’ ”

Making my clients forget that I’m there is one way I do things. The other that can happen is they know I’m there, but what’s happening is so good that they don’t care anymore or I quietly communicate with the person doing the doing to the primary receiver so that the catcher can stay in their zone while the pitcher’s doings are optimized. My Talk Sessions go over the same material as the Guided Sessions and they work perfectly for the majority of my clients.

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