Services & Methods

Eric Amaranth combines over 15 years of apprenticeship, research, and experience to provide the very best when clients decide it’s time to invest in their sex lives.

Coaching is done in-person or via Skype, Google Chat with video, or phone.

The client has a choice between Amaranth’s two core sex life coaching methods:

Talk Sessions                         Guided Sessions

Eric’s services also include:

Amaranth works with women and men ages 18 and up, individuals and couples of all sexual orientations, hearing impaired, visually impaired, or physically challenged.

Eric’s knowledge and training cover a broad spectrum of sex and sexual relationship topics.  Some popular areas of expertise include:

  • Loving communication and smart relationship skills
  • Intensifying orgasms
  • Unburdening clients from fear, then replacing it with confidence and excitement
  • Increasing Low sexual desire in women or men in lieu of hormone therapy
  • Longer-lasting sex
  • Developing greater in-the-moment presence during sex
  • Renewing and transforming married couples’ sex
  • Long-term partners spicing things up
  • Empty nesters revitalizing their sex lives
  • Overcoming overweight and obesity issues for better sex
  • How to have “hot” sex or “making love” sex
  • Resolving orgasm problems due to fears of “losing control”
  • Eliminating women’s concerns of their partners’ perceptions of them in bed
  • Better kissing skills
  • Slowing sex down
  • Learning to “ravish” a woman (or man)
  • Safe and super-safe sex
  • First time orgasm
  • Female orgasm during intercourse
  • Simultaneous orgasm during intercourse
  • Clitoral orgasm
  • “Vaginal” orgasm
  • The G spot and G spot orgasm
  • Female ejaculation
  • Exotic female orgasms
  • Layered orgasms
  • Sequential orgasms
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Serial orgasm for women or men
  • Anal orgasm for women and men
  • Creating more time and energy for sex
  • Deepening intimacy and learning what intimacy really means
  • Increasing the desire for more sex
  • Sex problems due to genital size
  • Increasing penis size and hardness
  • Balancing differences in sexual interest in a relationship
  • Solutions for preventing infidelity based on sex issues
  • Balancing children in the house with your sex life
  • Premature ejaculation or difficulty with ejaculation
  • Eliminating sex-based anger and frustration toward men or women
  • How to give fully or receive fully during sex
  • Issues due to fatigue and energy-inefficient sex
  • Prostate orgasm
  • Breast stimulation skills
  • Sensual body massage skills
  • Penis and prostate skills, basic to advanced
  • Clitoral stimulation skills, basic to advanced
  • Manual sex for women and men, basic to advanced
  • Oral sex for women and men, basic to advanced
  • Anal sex for women and men, basic to advanced
  • Solo sex skills for women or men, basic to advanced
  • Mentally-hot sex
  • Surmounting female or male ego-based issues
  • Porn addiction
  • Unexplained vulva and vaginal pain during sex
  • Pain with anal stimulation or anal intercourse
  • Sane and safe D/S play
  • Authentic masculine or feminine presence

The list goes on. If you don’t see your interest here, contact Eric for a complimentary consultation. See the FAQs page for more information.