Coaching for Twenty- and Early Thirty-Somethings

black-and-white-happy2-8399103Most of my clients in their twenties and early thirties are individual clients an compromise the smallest portion of my clientele. Young couples work with me even less often. I think I understand why. Our culture and basic basic human nature encourages us all to feel most attracted to young adults for an obvious reason: the sexual attractiveness of youth.

This powerful psychological turn-on is an undeniable part of how most of us view “hot” sex at any age. Many of us see this as the only thing that determines the quality of a given sexual encounter. This, among other reasons such as hubris and taking their first steps out into life, is why most young adults eschew development until they’re old and/or in long-term relationships.

Imagine what it would be like if you had youth, beauty, AND sexual skills. This is something I realized when I was a teenager reading sex self help books in bookstores at the mall. I read personal accounts in these books of people wishing they had this information in their twenties and thirties– or sometimes forties or later. They were happy they had it now, but could only imagine what it would have been like to have strong sexual pleasure skills in their prime.

That particular “What if…” is a key reason why I became who I am today. I remember reading those books, before I’d begun my sex life, feeling like I’d just seen into the future and could remake myself. I couldn’t wait to have them both. I am living that dream as I write this and I say to those of you in my generation and the one before me, have your cake, one of the very best of cakes, and eat it too.