Saying No To Infidelity and Divorce

holding_hands-219x300-9066934Eric Amaranth worked with his mentor, Betty Dodson, Ph.D. for ten years on her website, formerly, now Eric took notice after reading large numbers of emails, year after year, from individuals asking Betty for help because they were considering infidelity or divorce due to long-standing sexual problems with their spouse or partner. Other people who wrote in had already gone through with infidelity and/or divorce and wanted advice on what to do next or how to break out of the pattern.

The reason for their considerations or actions was simple: Important sexual needs were not being met by their relationship. It had nothing to do with not being in love anymore. The reasons for divorce and infidelity are many. However, Amaranth believes that the most common reasons are ones that produce affronts to basic needs and human nature.

Before sex life coaching, the missing piece has always been what happens after marital therapy is completed, but the sex isn’t that much better or significant differences in sexual compatibility remain. The answer then was to cope and accept. Now, sex life coaching is the new medium for developing the sexual sophistication in relationships necessary to cut our current infidelity and divorce rates by significant percentages. Eric set a goal for his work: to be a key factor in cutting divorce and infidelity rates in this country in the next decade.

If you’re having relationship and marriage problems surrounding your sex life together, make the decision to change everything. Sex life coaching alone or when paired with marital therapy has proven itself to be a powerhouse. Advance and nourish your relationship and your life via sex life coaching.