Your Sex Life After Relationship Therapy or Marriage Counseling

Eric has worked with many partnered and married couples who improved their relationship after participating in relationship therapy, coaching, or marriage counseling. These clients reported that the two greatest benefits of it were alternative communication skills and a lightening of resentments that long-term relationships can gather. Their hearts warmed again for one another. Affection and forgiving became easier.

With their newfound closeness, sexual feelings were rekindled. However, these clients understood that sexual enhancement is not the core strength or goal of these forms of therapy. It was perfect timing to follow up with sex life coaching because:

  • Couples feel positive toward each other, but they want things to be even better.
  • They want to fall back in love again and have great sex.
  • Creating an exciting sex life requires being on the same team, which marriage counseling sets into place beforehand.
  • Many of the communication skills learned in marriage counseling are a perfect lead-in to starting a great sex life.
  • The couple who can rely on having great sex together respects and values each other in a whole new way.