Solo Sex Skills

Eric’s sex life coaching mentor, Betty Dodson, PhD, focused much of her sex coaching work and first book, Sex For One, on teaching women sex and orgasm skills via masturbation, or solo sex. Eric continues to coach on this fundamental form of sexuality via both of his primary sex life coaching methods, Talk Sessions and Guided Sessions.

Betty taught him that women and men do well to familiarize themselves about the ways their solo sexual function works, then apply that to intercourse and other forms of partner sex. Additional advantages of solo sex are:

  • Solo sex is the most accessible form of sexual activity throughout our lifetime.
  • Clients who don’t currently have partners or have other mitigating circumstances learn how solo sex is a desirable form of sex all its own and not inferior to partner sex.
  • A great format for practicing new sexual skills for yourself and your partner.
  • Learning what kinds of stimulation your body enjoys and can do at present, then developing further.
  • Your control allows you to optimize certain forms of stimulation during intercourse and partnered sex.