Coaching for Conservatives

I’m interested in helping those whose beliefs follow a more traditional path. There is a full spectrum of beliefs pertaining to sex-in-marriage throughout the worlds’ religions from procreation-only to you can do almost anything as long as you’re married.

Sex life coaching with me puts the conservative client in control of a uniquely customized format. If you cannot engage in a particular sexual act, that act will be omitted and others that you can enjoy will be focused on. For example, if vaginal intercourse with a penis is the only form of sex that you are allowed to engage in, then you will learn the sexual skills to make it even better. Eric also works with you on approaching and taking your first steps with sex.

One substantial problem thus far with traditional approaches to marriage has been the neglect of teaching sexual skills before the wedding night. Traditional couples are often trapped into making the same mistakes in the bedroom, spinning their wheels, or quitting their sex lives very early on with all the attending resentments and baggage.

Sex life coaching changes all of that. Eric will provide the intimate, great-feeling, fun, and healthy sex knowledge and skills you want without compromising your beliefs or convictions.