Guided Sessions

Among Amaranth’s other Services and Methods, Guided Sessions is Eric’s sex life coaching format where clients engage in solo or partnered sexual activity with an intention of experience and practice while Eric guides at the same time.

Eric always remains clothed and does not provide sexual contact or actual sexual display of any kind.

Eric conducts Guided Sessions via Skype (with video optional) or in-person at a client’s location. Many clients travel to NYC and book hotel accommodations. House calls are also available upon mutual agreement.

Eric’s Guided Sessions are inspired by his sex life coaching mentor, Betty Dodson, PhD, who taught him the teaching methods she uses in her Private Session practice. This service is one that is unique to sex life coaching /sex coaching, because psychology-based sex therapists cannot offer this.

Instructor-present is the same format we use for all other instructor-driven learning: like your dance, boxing, or yoga class. Eric offers Guided Sessions as an option to those ready for this special form of coaching. Eric knows that some clients may feel awkward or nervous when they start this form of coaching. This is normal and Eric was trained by his mentor to be sensitive to the client’s feelings. Like with his Talk Sessions, he has found clients always become more comfortable upon achieving the first positive results of their coaching experience.

Clients choose whatever level of clothing is most comfortable for them while also allowing for sexual activity to take place. He sits a comfortable distance away, usually on the floor while the client(s) are on a bed, which allows him to fade into the background. Eric does not get on the bed and approaches only with permission with the intention to see in closer detail if it becomes necessary.

Several differences between the Guided Sessions method and Eric’s other sex life coaching method, Talk Sessions:

1. It is much easier for Eric to see what’s happening in real time and fix important mental or physical sex skills issues that the client may otherwise be unaware of them and not realize she/he should tell him about them during Talk Sessions.

2. Women interested in first time orgasm or goals related to mastering a specific form of female orgasm sometimes choose Guided Sex sessions over Talk Sessions because they learn faster, orgasms can be most accurately verified, and sticking points are dealt with as they happen.

3. Many couples and individuals who choose Guided Sex feel they’re ready for first hand instruction because they have already developed some quality sexual skills. They want to build onto what they’re doing and are at a level where reading a book, watching a video, or talking isn’t effective for them.

4. It’s very useful when a client gives feedback on how something feels or is working in real time, which affords Eric the most comprehensive information to adjust his instruction or tailor it to the client’s unique situation.

Pricing and Logistics

  • Guided Sessions are pre-paid at $240 per session, with a maximum of two hours per session. You can schedule up to two Guided Sessions back-to-back. More sessions may be scheduled later in the same 16 hour period.
  • Clients receive 15% off the total price of three or more Guided Sessions when purchased as a package. Complimentary sex toy(s) selected by the client and Eric are also available with this package. Ask for more information during your consultation.
  • A $25 service fee can be avoided if cancellations are made at least 24 hours in advance.

For more Guided Session package options, view Eric’s Sex Life Makeovers page for descriptions and pricing.

Payment Methods Accepted
, Check
, Paypal
, Credit Card

Payment and Scheduling Options
To be discussed during your consultation.

Single sessions must be completed within two weeks. Two sessions within three. Three-session packages must be completed within four weeks, and so on. Remaining sessions will be forfeited unless another package is purchased and the incomplete session(s) done within the new package’s time frame.

For further details or questions you may have, visit the FAQs page and contact Eric to book your Guided Session, session package, or to schedule a complimentary consultation.