Great Sex for Empty Nesters and Seniors

The time when children are out of the house is a big moment. It’s a tremendous change after 18 to 25+ years of one life to another. “Alone at last,” as they say. Retirement is another big moment. You get more free time than you’ve ever had. These are the times to get back into sexual pleasure. Everyone knows extra time and privacy arehappy-seniors-21-8192811 the ideal conditions for:

  • Redefining your relationship outside of parenthood back to the romantic lovers mode.
  • Learning how sexual skills puts sex on the menu more often vs waiting for sexual desire to initiate it.
  • Mastering energy-efficient intercourse and sex technique.
  • Getting some wellness practices in place for longevity.

Furthermore, our culture has made the mistake for too long in placing almost all of its reliance for sexual excitement on youth and beauty. However, it’s been proven time and again that people lose interest in youthful partners’ looks decades before aging becomes a factor.

The answer to this problem is selecting an alternative: a more stable resource for sexual enjoyment. Sexual sophistication born out of the sexual skills you learn via sex life coaching changes very little with time. It only gets better as long as you continue developing your sex skills with your partner. Making someone’s body feel incredible things is hot at any age.