My Client’s First Night of Successful Sex

When Steve (name changed and permission given to blog on him) started his sex life coaching Talk Sessions, he’d not had sex for over four years and had just finished divorce proceedings. He said his lack of sexual capability was a contributing factor to their divorce. He was demoralized, but full of hope that he’d be able to re-create the sex life of his dreams through coaching with me.

Steve wanted to improve control over his release in addition to learning about how to kiss, more advanced intercourse skills, and deepen his understanding of female sexual function– physical primarily. We completed a package of four Talk Sessions and two weeks afterward, I received a victory email:

Hi Eric, wanted to update you on a terrific night last night. I unexpectedly scored with a pretty nice looking gal, 12 years younger than me. I’d say she was an 8. We have known each other for about 2 years now, and happen to meet each other at a networking event last night. One thing leads to another and we are back at my place (where I am alone) and we had great sex, at least 4-5 positions, plus oral and lots of mutual fondling. (BTW she was very much into breast stim.) It was so invigorating. What was most remarkable is that we were doing it for at least 3 hours straight, and I was able to control my cuming the entire time! The night caught me off guard so I wasn’t prepared with anything as far as lube, etc. It was all natural. I don’t know if this will happen again with the same gal, but I do believe that the door may still be open with her in the future. We shall see. I have not had such a sexual workout in my life.

I replied: Victory!! See? 12 years younger. Make sure you let her know you want to see her again. But do so in a warm and not clingy way. What things did you use before sex and during sex that you learned from me? What come control things did you use? What breast things did she like? Now, how do you feel about yourself and sex?

Steve: I’m sort of slowly hinting that (“hey it would be neat to meet up again”, etc). As you know, tough to try and balance being too aggressive versus too conservative. Each gal has their own different version of this balance beam.

What I remember from our sessions that I used: I talked to her during. Asked her ”do you like this?” “does that feel good?” those kinds of seeking out questions. she really liked sucking and biting (hard) her left breast nipple. (her right one was significantly more sensitive and she didn’t like that one too much.) She had implants; I’ve never had a girl with implants before. (Hell, I haven’t had many girls at all for that matter.) I did several breathing and physical techniquese to try and help prevent PE. I think they helped!  But for the most part, unbelievable to me, I simply was able to control the coming on my own. Maybe I got lucky this time.

But all in all I was rather proud of my performance, especially after a 4+ year hiatus. (GOD). I truly believe she had a good time too.

I was very happy with Steve’s success. It feels great to help transform a sex life this dramatically.

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