• My Client’s First Night of Successful Sex

    When Steve (name changed and permission given to blog on him) started his sex life coaching Talk Sessions, he’d not had sex for over four years and had just finished divorce proceedings. He said his lack of sexual capability was a contributing factor to their divorce. He was demoralized, but full of hope that he’d … Read more

  • The Advantages of Monogamy

    Everyone knows monogamy’s weaknesses: same partner, no other partners to experience sex with, the loss of enjoying the unique little strengths that given lovers will have in bed for you or when you do things to them. However, it’s very helpful to be aware of monogamy’s strengths. Ones that are under-utilized by most. The first … Read more

  • A Sex and Breakup Issue That’s Never Discussed

    No one talks about it. It makes an ego sting when what one does well in bed fails. Blame is placed on the other person when much better responses exist. Here are some tips for dealing with this before deciding to break it off too soon. 1. Communicate. Talk with your partner to get more … Read more