Two Jubilant Testimonials For My Sex Life Coaching

Below are the two testimonials from a married couple who are clients of mine. They found me from my GQ Magazine profile and signed up for a four-pack  of Talk Sessions and one Guided Session. See what they thought after completing three of their Talk Sessions via Skype and their Guided one.

First, the testimonial from the husband:

You don’t know what you don’t know is what my wife always says.  After 14 years of only being with each other and no other partners we became interested in seeking an expert’s advice in a safe, private, and secure manner.  My wife and I both read an article in GQ about the acclaimed Mr. Eric Amaranth and became curious.  

I sent a message to our potentially new sex life coach through his website and before I could even surprise my wife with the news, there was a response in my e-mail box wanting to set up a preliminary phone meeting to discuss our desires, concerns, and goals.  Within the next few days we set up the call with Mr. Amaranth and explained our not so unique situation and aspirations.  As the husband, I wanted to take my wife places she never dreamed about, to be the lover she fantasized about, to be able to give her orgasms so strong, she couldn’t make a sentence.  Mission accomplished.  It is a great feeling to be in a group of your wife’s female friends and secretly realize all of those women know EXACTLY what happened and their desire for the same experiences that you can now expertly provide.

After talking with Eric, we settled on the 4 talk session package and one “in person” guided session when we were in NYC roughly one month from then.  Eric was super flexible with both mine and my wife’s very busy schedules as we completed each talk session.  Going into each session, our new coach made sure that we decided on a goal and answered any questions that came up from the previous time we spent together.  Every 60 minute meeting was filled with very specific techniques that went through varying levels of complexity and created the foundation for such a variety in the bedroom you will have trouble figuring out where you want to begin each time you and your lover hit the sheets, or the hallway, or the table, or the hot tub….

After only 3 talk sessions we both were already sold on Mr. Amaranth’s knowledge and were more than ready to setup a guided session.  Human bodies are amazingly complex and unique, but all of us are made up of the same parts inside, sometimes it just takes a little bit of searching to find them.  That was one of the biggest benefits to a guided session.  At times where my wife and I would have given up on g spot stimulation, a spot, anal, etc, Eric was there to guide us in making small adjustments and convince us to keep going.  The subtle adjustments and details Eric had for us was the difference from this feels “ok” to OH MY GOD and several sizable orgasms. Especially for my wife.  Our 2 hour guided session was only $240 and after our experience, I know every couple would give just about every dime they could muster for the same level of personal instruction.  If you are looking to grow sexually in your relationship(s) there is no better deal out there.  Put down the books and make the call.  You will never regret it and only wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

And, the wife’s perspective:

This whole thing was my husband’s idea and it was amazing. Yes, I will admit that I told all of my friends ALL about my experience because that is what some of us women do. What many of you men won’t expect is that all of my friends thought it was an amazing idea and most said they would love to do it but didn’t think their husband’s would ever agree. What a shame because the Skype lessons and the guided session have been some of my biggest moments of concentrated personal growth.

My husband and I both had different reasons for wanting to go through with this. My husband wants to be the best lover EVER for me, while I want to experience as much of life as possible. I have a hard time completely surrendering to the moment, whether in bed or in front of the camera (I am an actress), mainly because I am filled with self-judgment and that strange need to be the “Good Girl”. Another issue is that I will give up if something we are trying doesn’t feel good right away. I don’t adjust the angle or keep doing it till it starts to feel good. As with many women, I get distracted in bed, thinking about laundry, my to do list, or a great new stand-up joke but rarely on what is going on down there. Having Eric in a guided session was such an amazing experience. He was like my own personal trainer for sex keeping me focused and getting me to stay on a task way past when I would given up and his fearless openness to sexual pleasure really helped me not to judge myself and to try new things.  

It finally occurred to me that I may be the bad lover with “Pretty Girl Syndrome”. Some part of me felt that the my guy should feel privileged that I let him have sex with all of “this” and in turn that meant that I didn’t’ have to do anything but lay there. I now know that I wasn’t just cheating him out of the best sex he could be having but I was also cheating myself.

There are several points in these testimonials that are key to improvements in your sex life:

  • “You don’t know what you don’t know.” This was said to me by my mentor way back at the very beginning as, “You don’t miss what you don’t know.” There are a number of incredible experiences possible in a sophisticated sex life that, unless you know how to create them, you will never feel. You will never know that level of sexual enjoyment. I run into this with almost every client I have where they learn how to do an example of what I’m talking about and there is an amazement there like I showed them a new reality. That’s what my mentor saw in her work with her clients as well. Most of us settle on an idea of the amount of enjoyment that sex can provide based on the current state of our sex life and miss out because not enough people look outside of that present reality and wonder if there could be more that they’re missing. Even if what they have is satisfactory. We can easily imagine what life would be like if we had more money. We need to imagine what it would be like with sophisticated sex. Our culture doesn’t tell us there’s anything better either. There is.
  • “Another issue is that I will give up if something we are trying doesn’t feel good right away. I don’t adjust the angle or keep doing it till it starts to feel good. As with many women, I get distracted in bed, thinking about laundry, my to do list, or a great new stand-up joke but rarely on what is going on down there.” Quitting prematurely on a new thing because it doesn’t immediately feel great is the one disadvantage to, ‘ll try anything once.’ However, it can also be because you don’t have the best tools or process to make sexual dish work to its full potential. That said, that’s another common issue I deal with is clients with a mental trigger to toss a sexual act aside if it’s not immediately good. To not practice it or come back to it. Some things in sex require practice. That practice will make it all worth while when you feel the immensity of the orgasm and/or overall pleasure that can be felt with that act. Keep going. That’s what building your sex life, advancing your sex life, like I’ve said, is all about. Also, people will more easily become distracted when it isn’t that great for them or they’ve felt that good feeling thousands of times before and it isn’t as hot early on. Again, our brains crave novelty. Gift that to yourself and your partner through working together on crafting a better and better sex life.
  • “Pretty Girl Syndrome. Some part of me felt that the my guy should feel privileged that I let him have sex with all of “this” and in turn that meant that I didn’t’ have to do anything but lay there.” Pretty/super-hot girl syndrome is real. It is born out of some logical assumptions. If every man a super-hot woman has sex with goes voraciously crazy when he has sex with her all-powerful beauty and hot body, and his desire for her feeds into her feminine ego to be desired intensely, then why does she have to do more? Because both she and he are missing out on a ton of pleasure. One of the things we find most hot during sex is seeing a very beautiful woman/man gripped by intense pleasure and big orgasms. Seeing their bodies and beauty in those moments are very powerful mental erotic triggers. There are much bigger versions of those triggers if those people had the hotness and a sophisticated sex life. The beautiful have always gotten by on basic human attraction to them and others like them without asking, again, what else is there? You’re hot, so what would it be like if you were hot and you had amazing sexual skills to give and feel from your also hot partner? We also see examples in celebrity media all the time of the pretty people divorcing. The mind will, to one extent or another, lose fascination with the beauty of whomever you’re with. We cannot rely on beauty alone to fuel sexual desire. That’s what “sexy” means. How much you want to have sex with someone based on their appearance or form. There’s way, way more to be had than that. That’s a message I want our collective to hear and integrate.

The couple and I decided to utilize their last Talk Session to give feedback on what they learned and then took home to practice and do afterwards. It was a very good way to facilitate their learning. The two of them also plan on scheduling more sessions in the future to learn even more.

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