Advanced Sex Skills

Amaranth has communicated with many individuals, couples, and moresomes who feel they’ve mastered the basics and the intermediates covered by the sex teaching books, videos, and sex-ed professionals out there. They are right when they say there’s a lot of square-one sex teaching and coaching offered out there, but what has been largely non-existent is advanced-level sex teachings.

Eric’s advanced sex life coaching fills that void. The subtle details and nuances are stressed. Intricacies and mastering complex sex skills are focused on. Some examples include:

  • Coordination and combinations for bigger orgasms, layered orgasms, and sequential orgasms.
  • Orgasm alternation (especially in women).
  • How a twosome can create the experiences of a threesome.
  • Keep the evening’s sex rolling on and on after the first and second orgasm.
  • Advanced come control for him.
  • Combining psychological erotic with complimentary physical sexual skills.
  • Making threesomes and moresomes truly unforgettable.
  • Authentic fantasy roleplay and sex design.