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“We’re so good at this!” and Other Things You’ll Say in Bed

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Young happy couple in bedI had a Talk Session the other day with a couple who had finished one coaching package with me and was into their next one. I asked them what new and good or challenging things had happened for them since their last session with me.

The wife smiled and said, “I feel like… we’re so good at this now!” (more…)

The Relationship Coaching in Sex Life Coaching

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Relationship  Coaching in sex life coaching and sex therapy

While it’s true that the largest portion of sex life coaching that I do for my clients surrounds the exciting subject materials, we also are there to coach clients through relationship issues as they pertain to their shared sex life.

This is a blog on my most recent session with a couples client we’ll call, “Judy and Keith.” They gave me permission to discuss these specific sections of their coaching. (more…)

Women’s First Steps To Resolving Sexual Frustration

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Sex life coaching gives women three useful steps to overcoming frustration and dread of sex.

3 First steps for women to beat sexual frustration.

New women clients, married or in a long-term relationship, they will tell me how heavy their burden is with frustration and dread vis a vi sex with their partner. There has been an accumulation of resentments over the years, mistakes made by the both of them. The frustration comes from trying so many times and hoping this time will be the one for great sex and/or orgasm, but the same outcome happens once again– the lack thereof. They want better sex. Amazing sex, but negativity is often what looms in their minds. (more…)

Spontaneous Sex: One path to Great Sex among many.

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The New Sex Therapy NYC Spontaneous sex is only one path to great sex

Our culture’s generalized path for how most of us begin and move through a sex life starts almost always with an intense turn on toward spontaneous sex. That if it’s not spontaneous it’s not hot or worth spending time doing. When you’re single, it’s much easier to pull that off as we know. With children, extra demands on our time, more responsibilities, etc, the inspiration and time for spontaneous sex decreases naturally. Because couples are fixed on this sex form, as I call it, even less sex comes about. Thus, planning comes into it and the excitement of anticipation. (more…)

Sex Life Coaching, the New Sex Therapy, Changed Melissa’s Life and Marriage

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Eric Amaranth's client's success with the new sex therapy.Melissa’s Marriage Success with Sex life coaching: the new sex therapy.

For my first blog post here on the new sex therapy. I decided to show my readers the feedback I was given by a current sex life coaching client. She gave me written permission to post it and her name has been changed to “Melissa.” Other identifying details have been changed or removed  for her privacy and security.

You’ll notice close to the end Melissa’s description of the marital therapists and marriage counselors she knows and how they deal with sex. I was surprised, but very happy to see Melissa’s agreement with my position that sex life coaching with me is a great addition to marital therapy. Then, read on for my commentary afterward. (more…)