Talk Sessions

Sex Life Coaching with Eric Amaranth is available in-person and globally via Skype, phone, and expenses-paid visit to your location around the world.

Among Eric’s Coaching Services & Methods, Talk Sessions is discussion-based private coaching with an individual or couple, and is the method most often chosen by his clients. The client sets the formality of speech and sexual terminology from clinical to casual. There is no nudity, no sexual contact, no actual sexual display in Talk Sessions.

Constantly exploring and designing new experiences and solutions, Eric integrates the innovative with the tried and true to create an effective approach to this new niche in personal development. One of the best things about this service is coaching cuts years of your life spent in trial and error to give you today the information Eric spent the last 18  years mastering. He will show you what works, what doesn’t, and what may be uniquely possible for your (and your sex partner’s) body and mind.

Eric knows that while more people than ever are ready to discuss sexual issues and goals, some clients may feel awkward or nervous in the beginning. This is normal and Eric was trained by his mentor to be sensitive to the client’s feelings. He understands and has found clients always become more comfortable upon achieving the first positive results of their coaching experience.

Sexual skill and sexual relationship skill sets are imparted and solutions crafted for the client(s) that are designed to be experienced and practiced during the time before the next sex life coaching session.


There are two models available for Talk Sessions based on client comfort level: lecture and interactive.

The lecture model is one where Eric imparts his information without receiving feedback from the client on their ongoing progress because not all clients are comfortable discussing details of what they are doing with anyone besides a partner. If the client chooses the interactive mode, Eric will ask what happened with implementation and practice during the next session. Based on the feedback given, Eric and the client(s) will delve further into the details to perfect sexual skills, adjust solutions, or receive new material that builds onto mastered skills or moves in a new direction of interest.

Talk Sessions can optionally utilize what Eric calls “Toy Teach.” It makes learning faster and easier via Eric demonstrating physical skills and techniques on genital models while the client observes and receives clarification on fine points. Toy Teach makes learning three-dimensional and therefore more effective. The client can choose to practice the technique on the model to master the skill as quickly as possible while Eric observes technique and makes corrections. It’s an interactive tool that far surpasses the effectiveness of videos and books. If a Talk Session is conducted on Skype, clients use a model of their own.

Some clients are not ready for Toy Teach, or certain aspects of it. In that case, verbal discussion, drawings, and modeling techniques with his hands are employed for visual representational coaching at the client’s preference. No teaching tool is compulsory.

Clients are strongly encouraged to take notes during session. Then, once more after the session is over to fill in the details so they will have everything they need to play, experiment, and practice their new skills between sessions.

Eric does not only teach physical sexual skills, he also has a raft of mental sex skills and relationship mentoring to cover everything in your sex life.

All new clients are required to book a 30 minute consultation prior to purchasing sessions. An in-person consultation is $65, Skype or phone is $40.


Coaching Session Pricing

Clients are able to choose between purchasing a single one-hour Talk Session at $200 or getting a package of sessions:

Package A
2 one-hour sessions
$180 per session, total: $360

Package B
4 one-hour sessions
$160 per session, total: $640

Package C
6 one-hour sessions
$140 per session, total: $840

Package D
8 one-hour sessions
$125 per session, total: $1000


Packaged Talk Sessions are scheduled as arranged with Eric and once purchased, your sessions never expire so you can easily fit sex life coaching into your life. If you choose to end a session early, you may carry the unused portion of session time over to future sessions.

All packages include coaching materials according to the package value and clients’ personal growth interests.


Payment and Scheduling Options

All sessions are prepaid. A $25 service fee may be avoided if cancellations are made at least 12 hours in advance.

Once paid in full, clients can schedule their sessions as they prefer based on their needs.

Again, all new clients are required to book a 30 minute consultation prior to purchasing sessions. An in-person consultation is $65, Skype or phone is $40.

To book your private consultation, Contact Eric.